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Welcome to the Sprog project. If you're new here, the introduction page is probably the best place to start.

There is also a mailing list.


14-Aug-2006 Clarifications About Ubuntu Packaging

Following the official release of Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake), the previous news item is obselete and has been removed. The Debian packages install cleanly on Ubuntu (as well as Debian stable, testing and unstable).

If you're still running the previous release of Ubuntu (5.10 - 'Breezy Badger'), then this page has a fix.

21-Mar-2006 Source Move from CVS to SVN

The Sprog source code (and history) has been migrated from CVS to Subversion. The Source Code page has links to browse the repository as well as instructions for checking out a working copy.

27-Jul-2005 Release 0.14

This release has a few minor enhancements and a few minor bug fixes. You can now rename gears and change the gear title font. The right click menu no longer disappears unexpectedly. Enter now works in file selection dialogs and Cancel now works in the preferences dialog. Other internal bugs fixes are listed in the change log.

Warning for developers: the package names for the gear mixin classes have changed.

You can download this release from here or Debian users can use the 'apt' repository detailed here. There's also an RPM file for use with other Linux distributions.

3-Jul-2005 Release 0.13

The major new feature in this release is the ability to add custom command gears to the palette simply by pointing and clicking. A new 'Run Command' output gear has also been added. There are a number of bug fixes and user interface tweaks as well (more detail in the change log).

26-Jun-2005 Release 0.12

The primary focus of this release is fixing some bugs that became apparent when lots of people started downloading and installing Sprog. Thanks for the reports! The installation dependencies should be fixed now, as well as the crash when deleting a flashing gear.

There's a new preferences dialog which allows you to define a 'Personal Gear Folder' - a place to stick all those gears you're creating or downloading. You can also use the preferences dialog to change the colour of the Sprog workspace.

24-Jun-2005 Sprog Article on Perl.com

Perl.com have just published Data Munging with Sprog.

23-Jun-2005 Release 0.11

This is a minor release to replace the 'proof of concept' CSV Split gear with a more capable version that understands quoting, escaped quotes and embedded newlines.

14-Jun-2005 Release 0.10

This release has some bug fixes, some new gears and one crazy new feature: You can now use the --nogui option to run Sprog without a GUI. So those snazzy machines you've been building to automate repetitive tasks can now be scheduled via cron, or kicked off daily from your login script. Also new in this release:

30-May-2005 Release 0.09

This release marks a leap forward in Sprog functionality:

22-Mar-2005 Release 0.08

The main user-visible changes in this release are some major speed improvements, a new 'Text Input' gear and the removal of the vapourware gears.

There have been many infrastructural changes. Sprog now sports a regression test suite with over 400 tests. Numerous bugs were found and fixed during the development of these tests. Much refactoring and code cleanup has been completed too.

24-Feb-2005 Release 0.07

This release cleans up some of the user interface issues left over from the last release. Dragging and dropping gears should now drop where you expect. You can now show/hide the gear palette via the new 'View' menu, the toolbar or a hot key. The toolbar buttons are now labelled but you can set the style you prefer via the view menu, or hide the toolbar altogether. Preferences are not persistent yet, but they will be eventually.

19-Feb-2005 Release 0.06

This release introduces the gear 'palette' for browsing and selecting gears. You can now add gears to your machine by dragging them from the palette and dropping them onto the Sprog workspace (although there are still some wrinkles to sort out with the drop coordinates).

The palette view can be filtered by input and output connector types and also supports keyword searching.

09-Feb-2005 Release 0.05

A few bug fixes relating to the new save/restore functionality. Support for save/restore has also been added to a few more gear classes.

08-Feb-2005 Release 0.04

This release provides support for saving your 'machines' into files, so you can now start to save your creations to share with your friends. The newly implemented menu options include:

03-Jan-2005 Release 0.03

This is the first release since the project was renamed to the new official name 'Sprog' from the old working title 'Pstax'. This release is functionally equivalent to pstax-0.02, but is now packaged in standard CPAN style (although not uploaded to CPAN).